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Keto max science gummies

How Does Keto Max Science work?
Keto Max Science Gummies has been clinically proven to be one of the best weight loss methods. If you follow the keto diet, you can lose significant weight in just a few days.
Your body works in a normal state. It digests carbs and converts them to glucose. It is your primary fuel source because it is so easy to digest and readily available. Your body cannot make glucose if you stop eating carbohydrates. This forces it to search for another fuel source to operate effectively. Your body will turn to ketone bodies if you run out of glucose. When your body starts to use ketone-body fuels, you are in ketosis. Your body starts to burn all the fat it has stored. It signals fat cells to produce fatty acids. These fatty acids are then transported to the liver to be converted into ketone bodies. These ketone molecules are similar to glucose and can be used by cells to maintain respiration, muscle movement, and other bodily functions.

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