Microsoft has unveiled the new Surface Pro 9, a new tablet that retains the traditional design as its predecessor but with new internals and the choice of the ARM processor or the more powerful 12th Gen Intel silicon.

Similar to the Surface Pro 8, the Surface Pro 9 has a unibody made with aluminum, a 13-inch screen (3:2 aspect ratio), and a 120Hz refresh rate. You have the choice of an Intel 12th Gen i5 processor, and this time, you can also get the tablet with a Microsoft SQ3 processor powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon. In addition, depending on the model, the Surface Pro 9 comes with up to 32GB of DDR5 memory, up to 1TB of replaceable storage, and 5G connectivity.

As for performance, the company claims up to 50 percent more performance from the Intel model than the Surface Pro 8, and the two Thunderbolt 4 ports provide super-faster data transfer and the ability to drive two 4K external monitors or use external GPUs. Also, you can get up to 15.5 hours of battery life and up to 19 hours with the ARM-based model.

And in the case of the ARM-based model, this model isn’t as powerful as the Intel-based model, but it offers more battery and includes a new Neural Processing Unit (NPU) capable of more than 15 trillion calculations per second to enable new experiences, such as background noise cancelation, background blur during calls, eye contact, and more.

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Date: 20-06-24
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